Our Mastro Subaru team in Tampa is here to help you...

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  • Stephen & Pete Mastro

    Hands on from their days sweeping floors in the shop under Pete Mastro Sr.'s watch, Pete and Stephen are involved operators watching over the daily operation of both Mastro Subaru locations. Pete handles the fixed operations side, parts and service... Stephen covers sales and operations. While many service customers don't realize he is an owner, Pete often works the service adviser desk to keep in touch with customer wants and needs. Likewise, you will find Stephen consulting on a trade in value out front.

  • Stephanie Mastro

    Stephanie Mastro is the quiet, behind the scenes person who keeps things in place, and handles the financial end of our operation. Always upbeat and a positive influence on us all, she oversees payroll, accounts and just about anything that comes her way for both the Sanford and Tampa locations.

  • "Big Jake"

    "Big Jake" is our Ambassador dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs. He is a big guy with a personality that makes him irresistible. He is super mellow and loves to hunt around for a treat. You'll see him around the store and he will likely come over to say "hello".

  • Managers

  • Seth
    General Sales Manager

    Seth has come full circle at Mastro Subaru. After serving in the US Military, he managed restaurants in northern Florida, before making the trip south to Tampa Bay. He did a great job in sales, was promoted to Sales Manager of our Orlando area location and has now come back to manage the sales department of the Tampa location. Welcome home!

  • Dimitrios
    Sales Manager

    Dimitrios comes to us from Lexus and Honda brands, he has years of experience with the car business. He started with us in the internet sales department and has recently been promoted to Sales Manager.

  • Sean
    Used car director

    Sean is in charge of our used inventory and trade in appraisals. With over 2 decades of experience with Subaru and the car business, he gets it right. If you are a Gators fan, you will get extra special treatment. He has been with the company for over 25 years. 

  • Business & Finance

  • Julio
    Business Manager/Habla Español

    Julio returns to us from helping open the Mastro location in Sanford, to offer his talents in Tampa, handling the business department. Julio is a consummate gentleman, family man, and all around nice guy.

  • Lisa
    Business Manager

    Lisa recently joined us to complete our expanding staff as we grow to serve you better. She has an extensive background and is a talented financial person to help you find the right financing for your next car or truck.

  • Internet Sales

  • Candy
    Subaru Certified Internet Product Specialist

    Candy has 10 years experience with import brands and has a following of happy clients that appreciate her friendly approach to helping shoppers find the right car for their needs.

  • Clarence
    Certified Subaru Product Specialist

    Clarence has been involved with Subaru for many years, starting off in New Jersey and now coming to us in Tampa. He is well versed in all things Subaru. We're happy to have him on the team!

  • Gabbie
    Internet Sales Consultant

    Gabby has been with us since 2016. She's a car nut, and likes going to local meets. She knows her Subarus like the back of her hand (her words, we don't know how well she knows her hands...) We're still shaking our head at her love of Mustangs, but she's been eyeing the WRX lines lately. There's hope. :-)

    Stop in and Gabbie will help you find the right car for your needs, or in the case of a WRX or STi, your wants. 

  • Gene
    Subaru Certified Internet Sales Consultant

    Gene is an experienced sales consultant with happy clients as his first priority.

  • Sales

  • Andy
    Certified Subaru Product Specialist

    Where do we begin with Andy... Andy has been involved with Mastro Subaru since 1996, when he bought a 2.2 Impreza L. In 1997, he traded for a 1998 Impreza RS.... Next was a new WRX in March of 2001...In 2004, he drove from New York City to Tampa to pick up his new STI. He eats and breathes Subaru! As a hard core rally fan, he can drop names of rally drivers, and all things Subaru racing. He's a lot of fun to work with and will grow on you!

  • Jaime
    Subaru Certified Product Specialist

  • John Bonet
    Habla Español

    John is a vivacious guy with a continuously positive attitude. He will take you through all the steps to find the perfect car. 

  • Joseph "Skippy"
    Certified Product Specialist

    Joseph is new to the car industry, having just moved with his wife from Virginia. Joseph's wife is in the military at MacDill AFB in Tampa.

  • Kevin
    Certified Subaru Product Specialist

    Kevin has been in the Subaru sales business for over 10 years, and just finally decided that sunshine is better than sweeping snow off of Subies in Rhode Island. He's a super nice guy that knows Subarus inside and out.  Stop by and say "hi"!

  • Lazaro
    Certified Subaru Product Specialist

  • Melissa
    Certified Subaru Internet Product Specialist

    Melissa hails from the heartland, Indiana. She has years of experience in the domestic auto industry and moved to Florida to get away from the cold winters. She will help you find just the right car for your needs.

  • Rachel
    Certified Sales Consultant/Re-Delivery Specialist

    Rachel is the surprise, she is the quiet one, but owns an awesome WRX and probably wins races on the weekend. She knows her Subarus and can help you find the right car.

  • Service

  • Will
    Service Manager

    Will started at Mastro Subaru in 2004 after being a customer since 1995 and has over 20 years in the Automotive industry.  He's owned 19 Subarus of all types and knows them inside and out. He also runs the Mastro rally car and is a huge hockey fan.

  • Ray
    Service Adviser

    Ray started with Mastro Subaru in 2006 and is our Long Island transplant. He is a Subaru guy all the way through. With over 15 years of hands on Subaru and Volkswagon experience, he'll help you to get the best service from your Subaru or any other make of car. We work on them all!

  • Jacob
    Subaru Service Advisor

  • Joe

    Joe is a member of the Mastro family and he is our retail and wholesale parts manager.  He has been with the company for over 30 years.

  • John
    Parts Department

    John is a member of our ever growing parts team. Mastro Subaru provides wholesale and retail parts for Subarus, new and old. If it's available, we can get it! 

  • Marie
    Accounting and Title Manager

    Marie handles our accounting and DMV work, as well as day to day office operations. She has a wealth of experience with the toughs questions about all things related to working with DMV.

  • Francis
    Cashier / Front Office

    Francis is a Subaru owner and the friendly face at checkout and the voice on the phone. She is also bilingual, fluent in Spanish as well as English.