At Mastro Subaru of Tampa, conveniently located near Clearwater and Brandon, we're all about the community we operate in. We live here. So do you. The Mastro family strongly believes in giving back locally. 

Here's the tough part: where do you make the donations that count? Is the money spent effectively? Does the organization focus on helping and not lining pockets? 

We found a great connection with Southeastern Guide Dogs. They help people. When you hear "guide dog," the first thing that comes to mind is sight-impaired people. That's correct, but that's not all; Southeastern breeds and develops service dogs for sight-impaired folks, but they also train the dogs to be service dogs for our military friends as well. With the invisible challenges of PTSD, Southeastern has a program called "Paws for Patriots."

The Mastro family, along with our customers, has become heavily involved with Southeastern Guide Dogs. Our sponsored puppy, "Mastro" is now living with and serving a veteran here in Florida, like Morgan, that suffers from extensive PTSD symptoms. "Mastro" is making his life better. Our second sponsored puppy, "Legacy", is currently in a puppy raiser home, learning social skills before he goes to school at the Southeastern facility later this year. 

Our Clearwater Area Subaru Dealer Proudly Partners With Southeastern Guide Dogs & Paws for Patriots

The kicker: they don't charge the recipients for the dog or the extensive training. Even more amazing is the life-changing benefits received by the veterans that come home carrying the burden of PTSD and a loss of vision. 

If you want to meet inspiring people, spend a few minutes with Morgan or Mike Jernigan. a Marine veteran who lost his vision in Iraq. For more information about our partnership with Southeastern Guide Dogs, contact us at (888) 859-6539.

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