At Mastro Subaru, you know we have a great car for you. New or used, we offer products that help you get the most out of your money. Expensive surprises can be stressful, they never seem to happen when the time is right.

Our finance directors will offer you these options that prevent undue expense if there is an issue. This is especially helpful if you are on the road. Here are some of the items we offer:

  • Tire and Wheel Protection  This covers tires and wheels, including alloy wheels against damage. This now includes cosmetic damage.
  • Safe-Key Recovery and Security  Have you ever lost your keys? Remember the hassle of replacing them and the locksmith charges? This product covers replacement of all the keys on your lost keyring, plus locksmith costs. New car keys are chipped and coded. This equals added cost to replace them.
  • Paintless Dent Repair  Nothing ruins your day like a door ding on a nice new car. This new product includes repairs that appear from shopping carts, careless drivers that open their doors onto your nice new car, and other small damage. Repairs are done without paint work. This is a great product for purchase and lease clients. Don't get hit with turn in charges when you lease is finished. Paint finishes can also be protected with our XZilon exterior and interior protection, guarding against environmental damage, bird bombs, tree sap and more. Interior protection for cloth and leather interiors covers against markers, ink and more.
  • Theft Protection Nothing spoils a thief's day (or night) more than something that is hard to get rid of. Etching that makes "hot" parts less desirable prompt the bad guys to move on to the next guy. Besides marked parts and added visibility, this coverage includes a monetary benefit up to $5000 for the incidentals related to getting back on the road.
  • GAP Protection One of the best protection products for financed vehicles, GAP protection covers you if your car is declared a total loss by insurance. It pays the difference between your car's actual cash value settlement and the amount owed to a lender. Can you imagine owing money on a car that is no longer drivable? Not a problem if you have GAP coverage.
  • Vehicle Protection Coverage Factory warranties are great, but some cars have coverage that has expired by time or mileage. The products we offer give you a wide selection of coverages to prevent financial hardship if there is an issue that needs repair and it is not covered by the manufacturer anymore.


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