Subaru PZEV 

The Subaru brand takes pride in their devotion to conserving our natural environment. They've made great impacts that aid in the growth of our ecosystem by being the first zero-landfill automaker, and continue to help protect national parks, reduce waste, and increase recycling initiatives. Knowing that air pollution is a critical threat to the environment, Subaru has created a change in the way we drive by developing Partial Zero Emission Vehicles.

Why Should Tampa Drivers Choose Subaru PZEV Vehicles?

It's the affordable and eco-friendly alternative to driving your conventional vehicle. The PZEV was designed to offer smog-reducing environmental benefits while delivering just as great of a performance compared to non-PZEV vehicles. And, it still runs on regular unleaded fuel. Our Subaru dealer in Tampa stands behind the initiative to improve our local air quality together, and encourages drivers to consider getting behind the wheel of a PZEV model.

Wondering how PZEV vehicles work? In order to drastically reduce smog-forming emissions, alterations had to be made to four key areas of the Subaru BOXER® engine. By modifying the catalytic converter to create a larger surface area, pollutants from the engine can be converted more effectively. In order to prevent fuel leakage, the fuel injectors on the PZEV vehicles close even tighter than typical injectors.

Unlike a conventional vehicle, all PZEV models are equipped with a charcoal canister in the air intake that absorbs evaporative hydrocarbon emissions. In addition, Subaru altered the programming in the Engine Control Module to delay ignition timing in order to make the exhaust gasses hotter. This enables the catalytic converter to heat up sooner, reducing emissions.

Looking to take to the streets in the cleanest-running gasoline-powered car out there? Visit our Subaru dealership in Tampa, and you can make that dream come true. We offer a range of new Subaru PZEV models, including the Outback, Legacy, Crosstrek, and Impreza.

For more information about our PZEV vehicles or to schedule a test drive, feel free to reach out to us at (888) 859-6539.

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